Hi all! Quick update from me!

I’m running pretty flat-out for the convention, but as I said before, I need to make some changes to how things are run. My e-books are about to get removed from sale for a day or two, but they should be back up with all relevant information on the site changed later this week.

Thanks for being patient and understanding!

As of 4th August 2019, e-books are now up again and available. My Support Page has now been updated with the details.

2 thoughts on “Transfers

  1. Hi Lee,

    It was great meeting you at WorldCon. Your book kept me entertained and distracted during the three hour wait for our ferry and the couple of hours of the crossing on our way home.

    I hope the trip to Germany is fun and your journey home is an easy one.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for the release of your next book


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