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Hi, all! First of all, thanks for clicking on this page. It’s not quite as interesting as the rest of the site, I know.

But if you do want to contribute to the cause of me producing content full time, there are a few ways you can do that.

Did I write a post you agree with? Do you have a friend who’d really love one of the stories I’ve put up here for free? Send a link! Let that person know I exist! I promise, I’ll be just as excited about you doing this as sending me actual money.

Do you like one of my stories? Looking for a one-off payment? Are you just a paper book/e-book sort of person, rather than a reading-stuff-online sort of person? Do you just really like how cover art looks on books, and want to have some of that fine art in your life? In that case, you might enjoy owning a copy of one or more of my stories yourself! Links to buy my books can be found on the site pages for the individual stories.

Do you like my stories, but you get everything you want out of them online? Are you short on space for books? Are you the sort of person who reads the blog more than the stories? Or are you the sort of person who likes helping other people make decisions, getting sneak peeks, and discounts? In that case, you might want to consider supporting my Patreon instead! If long-term pledges aren’t your thing, then you can drop me a one-time thing at Ko-fi, too.

Patreon supporters get cool stuff like discounted or free copies of books, and sneak peeks at upcoming chapters and projects. They also get to help me decide on upcoming blog posts and bonus story content.

And as always, you can get in contact with me to tell me what you think of me or my work on Twitter at @Whimsy_Metaphor.