Hello again, all! Sorry that I’m not posting the general thinkpiecey blogs much at the moment – I’m getting ready for a lot of things this year and most of the thinking my piece is doing revolves around “oh god oh god have I forgotten anything”, which is not exactly interesting to read on here.

I did want to make sure I jumped in with another update and a couple reminders, though — just to keep people appraised of what’s going on.

I’ll be in Worldcon Dublin this year, and I’m in the last stages of confirming the booth I’ll have at the convention. I’ll let people know which one it is when that’s finished, so if you happen to be at the convention, you can come and say hi!

I’ll also be arranging to be at Conflux later this year, haven’t confirmed anything regarding panels or merch tables, but I will again keep everyone updated on that.

You may have noticed over the last little while a few changes to the blog, mostly fonts and some other things. I’m trying to work out how to do a few things at the moment, mostly making it look a little cleaner and be a bit easier to manage, as well as improving some functions (automating the “previous” and “next” buttons on blogs and story chapters for a start). Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in terms of blog functions and I’ll see if they’re feasible to add! I try to think of everything, but there’s always something that gets forgotten.

I’ll also be making some changes to book distribution. There’s a few things that I’d like to do but can’t at the moment, so I’ll be trying to shift the actual paid book copies over to different places and all that. I’ve already done my research and I know what I want to try next — as always, comments are appreciated, but please don’t be offended if I end up doing something different to what you suggest! Publishing venues are very much not one size fits all, and I have a specific list of criteria I’m using to choose my venues. However, if the changes make things worse for my readers, I will change again to try and fix things. I hope you bear with me!

Since there are distribution changes, though, it’s possible that my books will be unavailable for a short time. I’ll let you all know through the blog and Twitter when that’s likely to be, and I’ll try and also inform people how long they’ll be down for and when they can expect to be able to buy them again. Feel free to Tweet or comment and ask for dates if you think you’ve missed something, I’ll be happy to answer, but honestly if you can’t find the information it’s likely because I don’t know yet either.

That’s all for now — I’ll continue to post chapters on my usual semi-regular schedule, but blog posts may be on a slightly patchy schedule between now and then.

Speaking of blog posts, if you’d like to get some blog updates on travel stories while I’m in Dublin (and briefly in Germany), let me know! It’s not the usual writing stuff, but it might keep the posts a little more regular until I’m back in Australia and back to my own routine.

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