Here we have it, friends.

The long-awaited, much-hinted arrival. The Ferryman’s Apprentice is getting a formal release.

This does not mean I’ll be taking any chapters down from the site. The entire thing will still be available, for free, forever (or for as long as I have a site up). The formal release is just an extra goodie for people who want a version that can be enjoyed without an Internet connection.

At the moment, I’m releasing two versions: Print and e-book. There is an audiobook version in the works, and I’ll announce dates that when it’s a little closer to being done.

Both versions will be available around the 26th of June – I’ll update everyone with exact dates when I know for sure.



And on a slightly related note

Astute readers will notice that there’s a new item in the bar at the top of the page, which offers another option. As well as sharing my free stories and blog posts, and purchasing copies of my books, it’s also now possible to support me on Patreon.

As well as (hopefully eventually) letting me move to content creation full time, Patreon supporters will get sneak peeks at upcoming content, discounted (and sometimes free!) books, and input on decisions like  upcoming blog posts and bonus story content.

The Patreon is live right now, so if you want more details, you can go check it out HERE.


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