The Isolated Chef

Hi everyone

So a while back my friends convinced me to add a Thing to my social media, which was a YouTube blog where I talk about all the weird and wonderful things I do with food. I promptly filmed a couple of videos but got terrified of editing them, and have done nothing since.

But now that I’m doing the isolation thing, not only am I getting those videos up but screw it, I’m starting a food challenge. Here’s the idea: Minimising the amount I leave the house is good. Having a pantry full of things that just plain never get used is bad. Being frugal is also good. Experimenting with food is fun.

And as long as we’re all doing this isolation thing, we might as well find both silver linings and entertainment where we can.

So I’m going to start a vlog-type-thing where I talk about what food I’m cooking and eating. The goal is to have no weird odds and ends of bags left in my pantry by the time isolation is lifted. All the half-bags of lentils and specialty flours? Going to get used. All the meals I made and put in the freezer in case I ever needed a dinner at short notice? Going to get used. I’m going to reduce the amount I go shopping as much as physically possible. I’ll still be doing some of the experimenting and recipe creating that I intended to do on the vlog already, but it will absolutely be primarily for the purpose of The Isolated Chef for now.

Here are the exceptions: Fresh fruit and veg, and perishable protein sources. I’m not going to eat a month’s worth of dinners that consist only of homemade flatbread and the remains of a bottle of soy sauce. I’m socially distancing, not giving myself malnutrition. But I will also make substitutions where possible – no going out and buying, say, sweet potato if I already have ordinary potato in the pantry.

I’m going to try and make short videos at least once a week, and see how I do. I’m also going to post photos and a running list of the packets I’ve finished to Twitter. Feel free to chime in with your own recipes and experiments! Let me know what you’re using up out of your pantry/fridge/freezer! And stay safe, everyone.

Release Day

It’s here! The day when you can purchase a copy of The Ferryman’s Apprentice of your very own!

I won’t make this too long — there’s only so many ways you can say “yay! I’m giving you an opportunity to spend money!” before you start sounding demanding and/or unreasonable. So quick reminder: This doesn’t mean I’m taking down the free chapters online, this is just for folks who don’t like the website way of reading things.

You can find the e-books at:
Or, if physical is more your speed, pick up a physical copy at:

If you like what I do but you don’t want a copy yourself, as always, you can throw a few bucks my way on Patreon, or just tell a friend that there’s an awesome story floating around the Intertubes.

The Ferryman’s Apprentice Season Three

Hi, all.

I’m sure you all know how this works by now, but I didn’t get any ideas for a third buffer section, so you get this instead.

Season 3 of The Ferryman’s Apprentice starts next Monday.

If you have friends who might like the story, now’s a good time to get them into it, so they can catch up before the new content starts! [/shameless plug].

Hope that the long-time readers are interested in seeing what happens next! I know I had fun trying to write this next season!

After the Stream

Just a quick update for everyone.

Thanks to anyone who checked in on the Twitch stream last week! We had fun, though we also had technical difficulties, so I wouldn’t blame anyone for leaving in frustration.

We’ve just about got those fixed, though, so don’t let that stop you from attending future streams!

Because there will be future streams. This week didn’t happen because two of our characters were out of town, but we’re going ahead next weekend, Sunday 7pm AEST same as usual (we’ll let you know if that changes). Join us for the actual story, now that all the worldbuilding is out of the way!

Watch for the hype on social media. We’re excited to get to the story, and we hope you’ll be excited to listen to it!

Announcement: Live Gaming

Hey, all! Quick update.

People who’ve been around for a while know that I occasionally plug Liberation Industries, a gaming podcast I have a semi-regular involvement in.

Well, tomorrow (Sunday) at 7pm AEST, courtesy of Cassk Designs (Twitter @casskdesigns for those interested), we’re doing an Actual Live Gameplay Stream on Twitch.

The system is Karma in the Dark, the game is cyberpunk shenanigans, the characters are getting wild and wacky already, if our group chat is any indication.

If you’re interested in getting in on this, the channel is the Whimsy and Metaphor Twitch Channel. The video may be available to watch after the fact, we’ll keep you updated on that.

Mistakes Were Made

It seems apt that the chapter for The Ferryman’s Apprentice posted today was ‘Mistakes’ because I just made one.

My grasp on the days of the week has been shaky at best for many years now, and after misreading the date yesterday I decided that today was obviously Monday (hint: For those keeping up with Australian time, it is in fact Friday today) and that I should get that chapter up ASAP before I forgot.

So the hiatus was broken a few days early. I’ve decided that this is just going to be A Thing That Happened. Chapter 27 will still go up this Monday as originally planned. Consider the accidental chapter an extremely belated new year’s gift or something.

See you all in the next post!

Some Quick Announcements

This will be a pretty short post, because I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m working on a couple of things for this blog. I don’t have all the details yet, but I’d like to switch up my content for a bit.

I’m running out of rant topics, because I’ve sort of reached critical mass of preaching about writing, at least as a sole topic for blog posts. It’s exhausting, and every time I try to write something, I find I’m just repeating myself.
I was looking back through old blog posts, and I realised that I used to do a lot more storytelling on this blog, and one of my most popular posts was that old Treasure Planet rant I posted a while back. So I’m working on branching out, or rather, branching back.

I’ll still post writing rants here, because I do still like that soap box, and I probably always will. I am going back to university for my Master’s degree in a month or so, and I’m hoping that getting back into academia will refresh me on some more interesting topics than “commas amirite?”

But I’m adding a couple of longer projects to the mix now – first, a series called Anatomy Lessons, where I’ll talk about dissecting stories and analysing literature by example. I’ll spend a few posts on each example, coming at each text from two or three different angles, and I’ll be focussing on genre fiction. I’ll try and do a variety of media – books, TV shows, movies and video games, though I’ll do more standalone work than series work, just because of the volume of content I’ll be working with.

The second is a purely creative project – a serial story that I’m not revealing anything about just yet. Further announcements to be made closer to release.

So that was a quick update on what I’m doing over the next little while. Watch this space if any of that sounds in the least interesting, I suppose. But for the meanwhile, the soap box will see a little more use.