Well, that’s it! Another thirty chapters, another section of The Ferryman’s Apprentice down. I hope that you enjoyed that part of the story as much as you did the first two, and are looking forward to seeing how it ends, like I am…

Just like always, I’m going to be putting up a couple of chapters of ‘hiatus content’ while I give the last section of the story a final read-over, starting with next week. I hope that that content is also enjoyable. There’s going to be three weeks of content, and I’m still debating on what to do with the third, so feel free to drop me a line with suggestions!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that I’ve had to change a few things about my writing plans for this year and next year, partially because I’m doing more things than I expected I would be, and also because I have been vacillating terribly on a couple of projects. Long story short, I started like three projects to be “the next serial” after The Ferryman’s Apprentice, but each of them has subsequently proved, usually about 30,000 words into the first draft, that they’d actually work really well in a totally different format.

So you’ll be getting some really interesting stories coming out over the next year and a bit, just … none of them in the format that I originally intended.

Upshot of that, though, is that I will most likely be taking a bit of a hiatus after the final chapter of The Ferryman’s Apprentice – a couple of months, probably – in between finishing that series and starting the next one. That’ll give me time to get something edited into shape.

Oh, and next week I’m going to be travelling again – first to a friend’s birthday party, and then to Conflux in Canberra. Should anyone be in Canberra on the weekend starting 5th October, I’ll be at the Gungahlin Library, staffing a desk with some cool stuff that you can buy (and some that you can just take!). Conversation provided on request. So, upside – if you’re in Australia there’s a chance to see me in person! Downside – I wouldn’t expect much activity on the blog until I get back. Things are going to be pretty hectic and given that I’m still getting back on my feet after the Worldcon trip, I highly doubt I’ll fare much better with writing up posts and such things while I’m preparing for that trip, either.

And that’s the boring stuff out of the way! Thanks again for reading The Ferryman’s Apprentice (seriously, the nice things people have said about it make it all worthwhile) and I hope you’re ready for the final stretch of the story!

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