How on earth is it this time of the year already?

So, those of you who have been following along at home know that I have a tradition: instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I name the year according to what I intend to do or accomplish that year. It’s less of a resolution, more of a theme. I do this for a couple reasons: First, I’m usually making goals pretty much all the time anyway – I don’t really make a special effort or exception for the ones that happen to fall on New Year’s Eve. I’m not a patient person. I don’t really have the ability to wait for any period of time between thinking ‘hey it’d be cool to do this’ and making the goal.

Second, it means that my goals can change over the year if they need to and I don’t need to feel like I ‘failed’ or abandoned the goal.

Last year was the Year Of Upgrades. “Do the same things better, faster and with more money”, I believe, was how I chose to describe it. The money sorta maybe almost panned out, but I’m happy with how the rest of it went.

So this year is the Year of Reliability, and it doesn’t just extend to my writing. I am OK at time management, what I need to improve on is actually getting to routine tasks – sitting down to upload chapters once per week, making it to the various plans for getting exercise and not just sitting in a computer chair all day, all that sort of thing. So this year, that’s the plan. Get better at doing stuff on time.

That’s it for this year! Hope the year is starting off well for everyone. I’ll see you all soon at the regularly scheduled posting.

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