The Ferryman's Apprentice
Image by the Lovely and Talented Janis Singley

Just whose life is this, anyway?


I’d like to announce that as of right now, I have added a new section to this blog. It’s ‘The Stories’ section at the top of the page, and it also has a story in it. I am ecstatic to present The Ferryman’s Apprentice.

It’s got mythological figures! It’s got Adult Responsibilities! It’s got angst! It’s got lifelong (deathlong?) friendships! It’s got questionable life choices! It’s got old men who speak only in witty rejoinders! There may be a tiger at one point! It has an actual blurb that gives you actual important information on the story page!

And, most important, it’s totally free.


The first chapter is up right now, and new chapters come out every Monday. I’d appreciate it if you could find it in your schedule to go check it out and see what you think!

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