The Concert

I won’t keep you long before you get to read this one, just wanted to add a bit of context, since this is a more personal story.

This is mostly kept the same from a short story I wrote when I was about eighteen. I’ve cleaned up the wording and tweaked a few things, but I’ve tried to leave it as similar as possible to what I wrote back then. It was written after I attended my first-ever metal concert — literally I went home and the next day I wrote this because it was still rattling around in my head.

I’ve been to a few more concerts since then, and my perspective has definitely changed, but I still go back and reread this story sometimes, just to remember what the first one was like.

I’ve also kept the band anonymous, partly because, well, if there’s one thing I’m extra-special paranoid about it’s copyright infringement, and partly because I feel like knowing provides too much context, in a way. Buuuuut if you know the band, you could probably guess from the details. You decide for yourself if you want to guess or not.

Anyway. The story.

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