Should Have Known

It didn’t hit Wilom at all as he was walking home, despite the new sheaf of paper in his briefcase: the lists of things he would need to procure and do before he reported for training. He probed at the idea like a sore tooth. Continue reading “Should Have Known”

Bad News

At Marc’s house, Cathlin was sorting through a pile of mail. Jilli was playing with her bear and a doll at the other end of the table, and Marc was chopping carrots.

“There’s one here for you,” Cathlin said, and pushed it across the table to Wilom. Continue reading “Bad News”


Wilom stayed at home the next morning. He drank his coffee with Marc, and then took up position at the dining room table as Cathlin and Jilli got ready for the day and left. Cathlin was insisting on walking Jilli to school before she ran her errands. Wilom’s shoulders had been tense the entire time, the incriminating lists hidden under innocuous ones, explanation ready just in case he was asked. But he needn’t have worried. Jilli was too concerned with a book she wanted to borrow from the school library, and Cathlin was too concerned with getting her to stop chattering and put on her shoes. Continue reading “Decisive”