A collection of nice messages and reviews I’ve gotten from people who like what I do. I’ll be upgrading this to an interactive testimonials page soon!

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From Theresa – for The Ferryman’s Apprentice:

(Please note: Theresa was given a hard copy of the first season by a family member of mine – hence the references to the ‘back cover’ that wouldn’t appear in an online text. Some sections have been omitted because they were not about the book specifically. Otherwise, the letter has been copied word-for-word.)

Thanks to your nan when she lent me your ???. The question marks are because it’s (or rather) you’ve written a story that I haven’t come across in any book I’ve read. After 6 pages I had to say, I thought the language was beyond my understanding. Then I decided to go back to the first page, reread and what do you know! I’m travelling in the book now, away from earth, to a lighthouse and a river I will not, and have not put names to, or even imagine them to any places I might have seen in my life time.

The fact that you did not have a prologue or an epilogue, or even a small summary at the back, makes it unique. There is no preconceived ideas on the reader’s part except to journey with you in your beautiful and excellent imagination. Nobody will know beforehand what’s going on unless they travel with you and your characters.

I hope I don’t sound condescending (that’s not meant to be) I find that the chapters really correspond well with their sub-titles from beginning to end.

Congratulations!! And may there be many more Lee Cope’s stories.


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