My Room

As promised, pictures of my room.  Because this is about the cleanest it’s going to get for the next four months, so it was now or never.

The first experience I have of coming home to my new room is feeling like the seediest person ever.  The building itself looks like a cross between a warehouse and an old government office.  I swipe a card to enter the side door, where I head up the back stairs to a secret rooftop surrounded by buildings.  On the other side, I swipe to enter again, skirt around the next set of concrete, pale blue, only-used-by-the-maintenance-guys-and-drug-dealers stairs.  My room is through a third swipe door, surrounded by six others, all in brick and concrete.

Here’s the secret rooftop, by the way: It’s actually my favourite part of this building:


Feels all secluded and stuff.

This is the bed.  It’s a double.  Eat it, Burgmann.


And then the bed was never made again.

And the rest of the room:


Yes, ‘clean’ for me still means cables everywhere.

And this is what I see when I sit down at my computer:


Lots of buildings, basically.

However, not everything always works entirely smoothly.  I mentioned last time about those adapters?  Yeah, well, turns out there’s a problem with them.
Because of the way they’re set up, (i.e. mostly for European plugs, with a provision for Australian if you must, some of my plugs don’t want to go into them.  My laptop plug works OK.  Little laptop?  No.  Phone?  You’re kidding, right?

The solution:


Those inclined to intensely dislike a particular person or action are, by definition, inclined to express their dislike for said person or action.


I expect the room will look a little more lived-in once I have crockery, cutlery, and friends.