Travel Blog Update

Whoo.  So, I haven’t done one of these in a while, mainly because I’m not very good at getting out of the house.  However!  I now have Stories, from the parentals coming to visit me and making me leave my dorm room.

So, two weekends’ worth of anecdotes crammed into one blog post.
I got this.

On the first weekend, we went around places on the Saturday – around Dublin.  Dublinia – a museum experience not unlike Scienceworks for history, featuring Vikings and medieval Dublin.  It had always confused me that the English word for the beautiful city in which I currently study is “Dublin”, but the Irish name is “Baile Átha Cliath”.  Well, I found out where Dublin came from!  When the Vikings landed in the river a bit inland, they named Dublin “Black Pool”.  Dubh Linn.
And now I know.

Other than this, there was the Jameson distillery.  This is where I learned what malt was (germinated barley), and I learned that Jameson is aged in port, brandy and bourbon barrels, then mixed for the flavour.
They also gave me a special stick.


My Tube of Special

This, later, allowed me to compare Jameson whiskey with both Johnny Walker Black and a JD.  After which I got a piece of paper saying that I was “a qualified Jameson Whiskey taster”

I never knew how far having tastebuds would get me in life.

We also visited Christchurch.  Wow.  Just … wow.  I have no pictures of this, because I kind of didn’t dare.  Think cathedral.
Underground, there were the crypts (which we missed), but also exhibitions of clothes from movies shot in Christchurch, and the communion plates and cups given to the Church by King James I.  I think they might actually be the most lavishly decorated pieces of crockery I’ve ever seen in my life.  I’m actually fairly sure they are.
Also, there was a cafe with free Wifi. Underground, next to the crypts, under Christchurch.
Ladies and gentlemen, society.

And in the evening …  the Ghost Bus Tour.  Run by a very entertaining man who remained chirpy in the face of many obstacles, such as the Robed Doorman not being quite ready for us to open the door yet.  There were a whole range of stories told that day, from the teacher of medicine who dismembered the cadavers he was supposed to be teaching students with (“And this is the liver!  No, wait, it’s the spleen.  That’s the liver over there, stuck to the window where I threw it a minute ago.”), to the prostitute who refused to give up her child to the police, and hanged herself outside Christchurch.  It was entertaining, haunted-house-at-a-carnival scary, rather than actually scary-scary.  Nevertheless, great fun was had by all.

Also, seeing stuff like this:


Suddenly, a Wild Architecture Appears!

Sorry about the crappy lighting – I blame my phone camera.  But yeah, this happens.  Gotta love Dublin.

And then … then, there was the Book of Kells, and this library.


No caption does this justice.

63m long, 13m wide, 14m tall.  So.  Many.  Books.
On the list of places I need to go back to and just stare at, before I leave.

…you know what, I don’t got this.  I’m splitting this into two.  Adventures in Galway begin next post.