College Life: The realities.

Short post today.

So, we’re now past the “this place is WAY better than Burgmann!” and into the “well, it has its own problems, too.”

For a start, the laundrette is on the other end of campus.  Which is fine.  I can always use the walk.  Except it’s a mission and a half just to find the darned thing. No joke, there is a person-wide gap between two buildings, through which is the laundrette building.  And the door closest to you is not the real door; that would be the door on the opposite side of the building.

Whenever I manage to find my way to a place around here, I’m always struck with the subtle feeling that I’ve missed something.

Of course, then once you get in there, you need to wash your clothes.  €4 for the washing machine, and €.50 for 20 minutes at the drier.  And bring your own washing powder.  So, €10 plus expenses per week to wash my clothes.  I have absolutely no idea where this falls on the scale of reasonable amounts of money to wash one’s clothes.  All I know is that I’m never paying for anything else with coins while I’m here.

But that’s pretty first-world-problems (or first-world-confusion).  The real kicker is the fire alarms.
Come back, Burgmann.  All is forgiven.
I had no clue that any noise could be as annoying as the fire alarm at Burgmann.  Oh how wrong I was.  The noise that came out of that alarm was somewhere between a dentist’s drill and an alarm clock.  The volume was somewhere between Formula One car and rocket launch.
And the pitch was somewhere between ‘kill me now’ and ‘no, wait, kill everyone else as well’.
So I stood out on the rooftop in a group of people until the security guard came along, had a chat to some people, fiddled with some buttons, talked on a walkie-talkie, walked away, came back, fiddled some more, talked again, and finally turned off the alarm for us.
In a way, the first fire alarm of the year is kind of a rite of passage for the uni student living on campus.  It seems some things don’t change.