Day Tripper

H’okay, I’ve been doing a few of these, so a quick travel update blog is in order, it seems.

Some quick highlights and lowlights.

Let’s get the lowlights out of the way:

  1. The mornings.  Waking up at six goes against just about every fibre of my Arts student being, and doing it two days in a row is just a recipe for intense sleep deprivation.  Luckily, I managed to pass for an awake person.
  2. My kingdom for infinite internet battery.
  3. Seriously, six am mornings are terrible.

Now, Highlights!

Did you know, for example, that the Blarney Castle has a garden full of things specifically designed to murder you?
Also weed.  There is a weed plant in the gardens at Blarney Castle.

Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge.  And by ‘highlight’, I mean ‘very glad I didn’t fall off’.  With the wind the way it was, it was harder than it sounds.

Meeting new and awesome people – a couple from the US travelling with their baby son, and the tour guide the next day who was also an English major, so with whom I had some great conversations.

Driving along what I suspect is the Ireland equivalent of the Great Ocean Road.

And one other thing – haven’t decided whether this is a highlight or lowlight.  It sucked, but makes a good story.
I bruised my knee tendons on the rocks at the Giant’s Causeway.  Not specifically on the rocks of the Causeway, mind – actually on one of the rocks by the side of the path.  Very painful, but it kind of makes a good story to have injured yourself on a national monument.


No pictures today, because I’m in Carlow (who wants to follow me up here? 😛 ), and I have the wrong laptop with me.
Quick update on that: I just went out to get dinner, and holy cow, I cannot feel my knees. Or my fingers.  The rain felt like I was being sandblasted.  I was going to stay out at the pub for an extra drink, but I came home for a hot shower and some television in my B&B room instead.  I do not regret this choice at all.  Tried to watch the news in Irish, but there were no subtitles, and then Adventure Time was on.  Maybe later, multilingual television.