Well, I’m back. I needed that break, and thank you all for being patient.

I’ll post this up at the same time as a new blog post – that one I said I had waiting in the wings. This week I’m going to get into remaking my blog post buffer so that hopefully I’ll keep up with the blog when things get busy again.

And they are about to get busy again. Those who are really paying attention to the blog probably saw that I’ve released the cover and a release date for The King’s City. The even more eagle-eyed will notice that that date has been changed recently. I knew when I made the first date that I might be cutting it fine, and some rescheduling of other things meant that I didn’t have as much time to work on the book as I thought. However! I am finally in the actual final stages and I will be announcing the Key Dates around the release in a blog post following hot on the heels of this one.

In more general news, part of the reason that I was away for so long was because I was running a really cool game jam event for Australian indie TTRPG developers! The event was great and everyone told me they had fun, so I hope they’re not just lying to make me feel better. I’ll link to some of the videos taken at the event (of the guest speakers, who were universally excellent and the final livestream of the games developed there) when they go up – I should get those done quite soon.

I’m also about to go back to university. I got a half a Masters a few years ago, and stopped because I needed to concentrate on work and writing, and I didn’t feel like I had time to do all three. Here’s hoping that I can manage the balancing act this time around. Next semester, I’ve got an assessment that involves setting up a WordPress blog and posting content, so expect some cross-posting from there – it’ll be close enough to my usual content that I hope it’ll still be interesting if you like my usual stuff!

So more specific announcement posts to come, hope you enjoy the content!

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