Hey, everyone. Yes, I know the blog has been dark for a long time, except for The Ferryman’s Apprentice.

The beginning of the year got pretty hectic, pretty quickly. I made the bright decision (because I obviously hadn’t learned anything from my debacle of an Honours year) to go to uni part time while I was working. It was great, but if I was going to get the marks I needed, I’d have to stop writing while I was at uni, including stopping work on The Ferryman’s Apprentice. I was already ahead on the plot, so it wouldn’t have been a huge issue, but I was having trouble with a couple of later sections, and I felt like stopping would only make a time crunch later.

Then I left my previous job and started out as a freelancer, and trying to get work proposals in, do work, maintain my profiles on various sites, and do all the other stuff that comes along with freelancing, especially given I’m new at it and need to build up a reputation and some clients. I ended up putting my uni career on hiatus for that.

So I guess the long and short of it is: This year I spent a lot of time trying to do lots of things at once, and a few things fell by the wayside. This blog was one of those things.


You’ll also notice that the blog has changed now – I’ve rearranged things a bit. I plan to do a bit more in the coming months (first project: making it a little less bland to look at), but for now at least things aren’t awkwardly thrown together on the home page.


Looking forward to being able to move forward a bit more with all of this. Now I’ve done up the site and made some time for it, look for further writing updates and changes.


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