Welcome to NaNoWriMo

Hallowe’en is over, and NaNoWriMo has started. We’re a few days in now, and if you’re anything like me, you’re still running on the adrenaline of the first few days. I feel like people tend to fall into three categories at this stage of NaNo.


I call them the Bonfires, the Stargazers and the Headlight Rabbits. This may be because I’m not a very nice person.


The Bonfires are going great at the moment. They’ve met or exceeded wordcount every day so far this month, and they’re flying high on accomplishment and adrenaline. The first week of NaNo is the best time for these people, when all the motivation from planning all October and getting excited with their friends right up until midnight on November 1st is carrying them forward.
Of course, the danger here is that bonfires require a lot of fuel. You need a lot of time and a lot of motivation to keep that kind of pace up for a whole month, and Bonfires might find themselves running out. Some Bonfires plan for this – they know they’ll be running hot for the first week, so they make sure to get well ahead. This way they have wiggle room, space for a few slow days when they finally burn down and things start to get harder.
If you’re a Bonfire this NaNo, I wish you the best.  Keeping your momentum is hard, but if you can do it, you’re all set.


The Stargazers are not doing quite so well at this point in time. They might have had things to do, so they’ve missed a few days, or they might have gotten off to a rocky start. Beginnings might not be their strong suit. But the Stargazer isn’t particularly worried about this. Actually, the Stargazer is confident that they have the whole month left, nearly, so there’s plenty of time to make up the difference.

The obvious pitfall is that a month keeps feeling like a long time right up until the last week, and it’s easy to keep putting off the catch-up until the wordcount you need to make up is huge and daunting. I call this group Stargazers because when you’re looking up at the stars, it’s very easy to accidentally step somewhere you shouldn’t.
If you’re a Stargazer this NaNo, I wish you the best. Remember to schedule in your catch-up early, even if it feels like you have more than enough time. And remember how you managed to feel this calm when it gets to week 4. You might need a little extra calm then.


Finally, the Headlight Bunnies. They are also behind on their wordcount, for whatever reason, but they already feel daunted by the amount of catching up they need to do. Maybe their November is pretty busy so they know they don’t have time to schedule a big block of writing time, or maybe they’re writing slower than they thought, and 1,667 words a day is looking completely unattainable. Like a bunny staring in panic at approaching headlights, they’ve frozen up in the face of NaNo’s approaching deadline.

There’s really not much that’s good about this approach. This is mostly pitfall right now. Panicking means freezing up which means you get further behind, which means you panic more.
If you’re a Headlight Bunny this NaNo, I wish you the best. Take some time out, calm down, remind yourself that there are no consequences for failure, and just do what you can. You still have a whole month, and all you need is one really good writing day to make it all feel a bit less daunting.


To everyone who’s participating in NaNo, you will always be able to do more than you think you can. If you’ve ever written a whole essay in a last-minute panic before, you know that you can churn out at least 1500 words in the space of 24 hours. It’s physically possible. Now all you need to do is find the way to make it happen without the deadline panic. Remember to breathe, remember to go vent your frustrations on the forum of your choice. My social media is going to be stress relief through sarcasm for the next month, and I’m always happy to commiserate with people in the comments. Sleep is important, so is food.
Now go and keep writing! You’re only just starting, so buckle in and have fun with it!


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