Obligatory End-Of-Year Post

Happy December, everybody – I hope it went well for you, whether you celebrated or not and no matter what you celebrated.

Being the obligatory end-of-year post for 2014, I’ll be making a brief post about what I did this year, and what I’ll be doing next year. I promise it will be painless.

This year, I finished two first drafts (I was angling for three, but with >50,000 words to write on the third and only three days to do it in, I think that’s a bit of a tall order), and did a lot of editing. I wrote a thesis, and many essays, so I think it comes out fairly even in the end. What I didn’t write was very many blog posts, which does need to change rather dramatically. I got closer this year than I’ve ever gotten before to having something I’m willing to show to people in the publishing industry, but still not close enough.

I earned another degree this year, and got my first real-people full-time job (a combination that was eventually my downfall). I learned a lot of lessons about life and writing and school and where I want to be going. I think that was my “theme” of 2014, if a year can have a theme.
Of course, this basically means that any year before that is now retroactively branded “the year I made all those awful, stupid, rookie mistakes”, but I think that was going to happen no matter what happened in 2014.

So what’s around for 2015?
2015 is the year of putting those lessons to work, and also the year of writing. I’ll be taking a year off school to figure out my attack plan to get to PhD, to earn a bit of money so that when I go back to studying, I’ll have some money to survive on while I do. And of course, I’ll be concentrating on my writing.

And finally, New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have many this year, and they’re pretty simple.
First, get a book ready to send to publishers.
Second, obligatory pay more attention to health resolution. I was doing well right up until the end of my Honours course this year, and I need to get motivated to get back into it now my body has relearned the taste of delicious chocolate and take-away noodle boxes, and doesn’t want to be deprived of them again.
Third, make time for books and video games. Uni really cut into my time for stuff like that over the past four years, since I had to take essays home with me, and I was usually working on other stuff as well. This year, though, I’m looking for a job I don’t need to take home, and there should be time in the evenings for writing and recreation now.
Fourth and finally, travel. I’ve got a trip interstate planned with a friend for November, but I also want to be well on my way to saving up for an overseas trip, which I have not yet decided. Saving at the beginning of the year will be pretty slow, since I’ll also be saving up for some other stuff (like having a suit tailored, fixing my car radio, and other sundries) which will eat up my paycheck pretty quick for the first few months. But maybe by the end of the year, I’ll have a goodly bit saved up.

As for the blog, I’ll be trying to post weekly starting now (bit early for New Years, but my blog my rules). Which means I’ll need to have some topics lined up, if not a backlog ready to post. Since blog ideas sometimes come to me in a flash of inspiration and rarely with any regularity, I’ll be trying to supplement my list over the next few weeks. So if anyone has any suggestions, or dare I say it, requests, I’ll add them in.

Have a great 2015, all, and I’ll see/write with you all on the other side.

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