Amsterdam Airport

And another airport update, because obviously I currently have not much better to do with my time.

After Kuala Lumpur airport, the Amsterdam airport was refreshingly easy to navigate.  So easy, in fact, that I managed to get through to the terminal about 2.5 hours early, and since I’d passed the security checks a little ways back, was unable to then avail myself of a café.

 The flight to Amsterdam was about as pleasant as it’s possible for an experience which basically involves being crammed against two other human beings in a seated position for 11 hours is possible to be.

Having had my noodles at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I skipped out on dinner, but given what the people on either side of me were eating, I was happy with my tea and crackers.  Breakfast, though, was much better.  By far the best almost-egg-substance I’ve ever eaten.  It was a little like a Quiche Lorraine, if bacon were green and you didn’t know exactly what was in it.  Along with that, there was a soggy (but not inedible) hash brown and a white sausage.  Overall, it was as confusing as, but less viscerally disturbing than, the fish from the previous flight, so score 1 for KLM airlines.

Airplane tea, by the way, is a cruel and undeserved lie.  I mean, fair enough, the tea does its best with the water it’s given, so it feels a little unfair to hate it so.  I drank two cups, and did not feel any more like I’d had tea. 25 hours and counting.

 On a totally unrelated side note, this was in the Amsterdam airport.  I’m pretty sure the Stitch travel cushion wasn’t in the original design, but somehow it’s just sort of perfect.


I am so looking forward to getting to Dublin and not having to sit on any more planes.

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