I Can Explain

So, just a quick update today.  If anyone has been reading through my archives, they might have found two or three videos called “I Can Explain”, with promises for more.

Those ‘more’ probably won’t be happening, at least, not for a very long while.

Firstly, I’m just not that good at video.  YouTube and I have not been able to get along, and you can definitely see that in the videos.  I could fix this – in fact, I probably should.  But on the whole, it’s really not my preferred medium.

Secondly, it takes a lot of time.  By the time I’ve read a book, written the script, filmed, screwed up, re-filmed and edited, I’ve handed an essay in late, or missed some days of writing, or not been able to update this blog, or handed an essay in late, or something.  It’s come time to cut down on my hobbies, and this is one that has to go.

Thirdly, pretty much anything I say there I can say here.  I originally went with video format because I thought I could make what is essentially an essay much more interesting in speech form than in writing.  But I’m not actually sure that’s the case, especially when I have no filming experience and very little acting for camera experience.

So, why do you care about all this?  To be honest, you probably don’t.  I just wanted the answer to that particular question to be out there in case it’s ever needed.

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