Thinking too hard about Short Stack

I promise this is the last “So I was consuming this media and thought everyone should know about it” post.  For now.

Actually, this one started last year.  It was the middle of exams, so you can probably imagine that my mental state was somewhere between “I don’t even” and “My brain is crying”.  I thought some music would be in order.  Something a little upbeat.  Something I hadn’t heard for a while.  I put Short Stack on.

My mind was blown.

I couldn’t understand a word that they were saying.  Not that the singer was indistinct.  Nope, the words just made no sense in order.  “I miss you already/My eyes are getting heavy/It shakes, so keep it steady/I’ll be your blunt machete.”


However, what I realised, with a little perspective, was that Short Stack’s lyrics perfectly encapsulate teenager.  They’re confusing, vaguely horny, and speak about romance using violence metaphors.  “I’ll write your name in bullets/So you’re the  last thing through my head”, anyone?  On one hand, it’s really hard to take that seriously.  On the other hand, I’m certain I wrote very similar things when I was sixteen.  Heck, I’m fairly certain I heard people at my school say very similar things.  I’m also certain *I* said very similar things.

Short Stack managed to impress me by replicating the exact sort of meaninglessness that sounds so meaningful to the teenage brain, is what I’m saying.

Nothing shall be said on my ongoing internal debate on how much of that was deliberate.

3 thoughts on “Thinking too hard about Short Stack

  1. oddly enough, i’ve never listened to short stack, nor ever heard of them. my teenage music was mostly red hot chilli peppers, alien ant farm and muse (of the stuff that wasn’t pop like britney or mariah carey)

    • I remember coming across a couple of Alien Ant Farm songs, and I still like some Muse songs. I agree entirely with the Britney or Mariah Carey thing, but I’ll admit to, during my teen years, listening to Belinda Carlisle and getting emotionally invested in Green Day 😛

  2. i did spend a lot of that time engrossed in unusual music, like Ruslana (thanks to the eurovision song contest)

    also part of the reason i got my wolf ring was cos i was obsessed with this video:

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